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The Ontario Rod and Gun Club is the first club in NY state to become officially affiliated with 3 Gun Nation. To this effect, ORGC will host: 1) two major 3 Gun matches as part of the 3 GN club series, namely the Patriot (June 2018) and the NY state Championship (Sept. 2018), 2) several exciting, challenging and fun filled monthly rifle matches throughout the year, and 3) official classifier matches for 3 GN members. Please check the ORGC calendar for up-to-date details on all of our events.


The Patriot and the NY State Championship 3 Gun matches will feature six challenging stages including two classifiers. All 3 GN divisions – namely Unlimited, Practical, Factory, Practical 308, Heavy, Unlimited Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) and Practical PCC – will be recognized at these matches.

On the other hand, the monthly rifle matches typically feature four challenging stages (36-40 rounds per stage) and a side match of shotgun (22 – 25 rounds) in our famous jungle run. PCC shooters are welcome to participate in any of the 3 Gun, Rifle or USPSA (see USPSA at ORGC – add link here) matches. Both the 3 Gun and rifle matches are governed by the 3GN rule book – latest edition. Spectators are welcome and invited to attend any of our matches.

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