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ORGC is very unique in the shooting sports in the area because we host three kinds of matches where shooters can really utilize their rifles.


1. ORGC is the only club in New York State that proudly offers Action Rifle Matches. In these matches we have 5 stages of challenging and technical courses of fire that test everyone from the seasoned shooter to the novice beginner. The stages consist of paper targets and steel knockdown targets at distance. The farthest distance we shoot is 100yards and these targets could be as small as 4 inches in diameter, so you really have to have your rifle dialed in. The rules here are simple, two hits on the paper or one "A" center hit on the target neutralizes the target. Fast scoring and fast action is what it's all about.


2. This year we are going to be hosting 2 Gun matches as well. Rules are the same for the action rifle matches except now a pistol is thrown into the mix. Shooters can bring any rifle configuration and any pistol configuration as long as the holster covers the complete trigger guard of the pistol. These stages will focus on steel knockdowns for both rifle and pistol and will have very minimal reset time.


3. We also host a yearly big 3 Gun match that we call the Patriot Match. The Patriot Match is a full 3 gun match that relies on the old 3 Gun Nation rules. In this match you will be utilizing all 3 guns. Pistol, rifle and shotgun. Shotgun slugs will also be used to shoot targets out at distances up to 80 yards! We also recognize the new Modified division so you can have a red dot on your pistol. The other divisions a shooter can sign up for are Practical, Unlimited x 4, Heavy, and Factory. Typically you'd have to travel 100's of miles to find a good 3 Gun match but we host one right in your backyard.


Rifle and 2 Gun matches sometimes have shotgun side matches afterwards. This is where a shooter can run through our famous Jungle Run knocking down targets with their shotgun in our forest way out back. A crowd favorite!


Keep an eye on Practiscore for a listing of all these ORGC matches (search for "ORGC" on Practiscore). Many of our rifle matches sell out, but we do have a waitlist.


Spectators are welcome and invited to attend any of our matches.


Any questions on the rules, the equipment or just how to get started in the sport? Feel free to email Keith at and we'll do our best to help you out.


See you on the range!

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