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Trap Shooting

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Construction of the West Trap House was competed in 2019 to accommodate a new trap machine We welcomed our new ‘old reliable,’ PAT-Trap, a product made in the USA by trap shooters for trap shooters.  The new machine is capable of holding 550 targets and will throw singles and doubles. In addition to the trap house, the trap field was graded and improved with the addition of smooth new concrete walkways.


The new trap house and field will give us a competitive edge for Amateur Trap Association events, as well as provide state of the art equipment to meet an increased interest for this sport by  high schools across the state, including Webster School District students who enjoyed our field, the summer youth group, and our Tuesday Night Open Trap shooting enthusiasts, it is definitely the right time to renew the heart of the sport. Trap is historically significant to ORGC, one of the oldest shooting sports and a sport we can offer to youth shooters to bring them into the fold of sport shooting. Planning is under way to improve our East Trap Field. 

The project was supervised by ORGC seasoned trap shooters Doug Trumpowsky and Ralph Wroblewski, who are always giving it their all! 

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Trap Shooting Resources 

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